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Building The Ark of Safety

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God has called every husband into the building business. And the type of building that God wants every husband to build is the ark of safety especially in this end time where evil has assumed a more scientific dimensions. The wicked is doing more wickedly and iniquity has gained ascendancy in the family life of believers. In Genesis chapter 6 verses 1 to 14, the Bible gave an account of the evil in the days of Noah. The entire nation was wallowing in iniquity just as it is happening in our day. However, out of the lot, God chose a husband because every husband occupies a place of authority and power in the family.  Very importantly, as a husband, you are the head and shepherd of the family. You provide the direction, instruction, inspiration and influence in your family. For example God says that husbands are to train and nurture their children (Deut.6:3-9, Pro.22:6, Gen.18:19). God has given you children. They are your seeds. It is your personal responsibility to build an ark of safety for them against the flood of evil and ungodly influences pervading our world today. God commanded you to love your wife as He has loved the church and gave Himself to the church (Eph.5:25). When you love your wife, you are exerting your godly influences on her life. And when you do just that you then bring her into a close distance to you and into the ark of safety. She becomes immune to the dictates and influences of the world. You must understand that as the head of the family, you are to provide purposeful leadership over your flock so that they can all come into the ark of safety.

The mistake most husbands make as it concerns their flock (wives and children) is that they think that their money or house will provide the safety their families will require. They build castles rather than values. They invest in material possessions rather spiritual investment in God and His promises (Pro.21:31). This has accounted for the scattering of most families notwithstanding their wealth or riches. Just as you are building up wealth and riches, make Godly value propositions a priority for your family members.

But what is in the ark and who has been ordained by God to build? It is important to appreciate that the ark God is asking every husband to build for his family is not the ark that is made of wood, or gold or silver. These things cannot stand against the flood and power and influences of the world sin and the devil. What God is asking every husband to build is a spiritual ark of safety that is made of honesty, kindness, integrity, faith, purity, respect, righteousness and faithfulness, and godly lifestyles and values from you the husband. and when you add up these together, you get your family into safety and protection (Ps.91:1-2, Ps.24:1-3) These are the building materials that God expects you to build your ark with so that when the flood your family would be secured. The materials also keep your family stable and unmoveable.

You as the head of the family have the sole responsibility to build. It is not transferable and not negotiable (Gen.2:15-18). You must take full responsibility of building the ark of safety for your family just the same way Abraham, Isaac, Job, Joseph and Noah did. However, only a righteous husband is qualified to build the ark of safety: a husband whose life reflects Jesus in thoughts and character. Your life must be a living example and pleasing unto God if you must access the materials to build the ark.

When you build the ark of safety as the leader of your family, you are guaranteed of peace of mind because the conduct and lifestyles of your wife and children will speak louder than the flood of the world. Your name and legacy will never be eroded. From generations to generations, your name will be speaking positives, the same way we still talk about the family of Abraham. Also, you will die in good old age, which is a fall out of the peace of mind you have (Job 42:17).

Don’t forget that as the head of the family, if your flock fails, you have failed. And if they succeed, you have succeeded. Never leave your wife and children to chance, start today by investing enduring values into their lives and secure their tomorrow.


(Until you have a relationship with Jesus Christ, these keys will not work for you. Therefore, I want you to have a relationship with Jesus Christ, the embodiment of all wisdom and pray this prayer.

Say, Lord Jesus, I come to You as a sinner. Forgive me all my sins. Cleanse me by Your Precious blood and make me Your son. From now I will follow You and Your ways. Thank You for accepting me. Amen. Praise God. Please get into a Bible-believing church for your spiritual edification and growth.)


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