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Covenant Responsibilities of A Husband

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Your call to husband-hood is a call to a covenant relationship with God, your wife, children and your family members. However in this edition, we shall be looking at the covenant responsibilities of husbands as it relates to their wives and children. God made and ordained you to be a husband, so you are not a product of your village, tradition, culture or even religion. In Genesis 1:26b the Bible tells us that you were made in the image and after the likeness of God. And in chapter 2 of Genesis and verses 18, God said, it is not good for a man to be alone. I will make for him a helpmeet.  God changed your status from a single man to a husband; hence you cannot afford to be less than what God has ordained you to be. As a husband, you have a covenant relationship with your maker in respect of your wife and children. The reason why very many homes have become a battle field, where wives have become uncontrollable and children have gone wayward is fundamentally because the husband has failed to live up to his covenant responsibilities. It is very important to appreciate the fact that being a husband is all about responsibilities to God, your wife and your children. In Gen.2:16-17, God commanded the husband and set responsibilities for him. And in Gen.9:11(a) God established his relationship with you on the basis of a covenant.

What is a covenant? A covenant is a firm commitment made by someone to another person. This is exactly what happened on the day you stood before God and the whole world to love and to cherish your wife until death do you part. That is what I call a bond, which you are committed to hold, protect and project. As a husband and the head of the family, the greater responsibilities fall on you. You are the leader and mentor. As a husband you are the first pastor of your family ordained by God to minister to them. (I Tim.3:1-7, II Tim.2:6, II Tim.5:8, Eph.523-25)

Now what are your covenant responsibilities? Firstly, the covenant demands that you love your wife sacrificially and unconditionally, whether she deserves it or not. To love your wife is not an advice from your church pastor or marriage counselor or even your parents. It is a commandment from God. In Eph.5:25, the Bible emphatically states, husbands, love your wives. And it went further to explain how you must love your wife. It says, even as Christ also loved the church and gave himself for it. The church was never a perfect church, yet Christ loved the church and gave himself. That is a sacrificial love. Husbands, it is never convenient to love your wife but it is possible to do it. She may not deserve to be loved either because of her attitude, yet God commands you to love her genuinely. The kind of love that you owe your wife is that kind which emphasis on the strong and good sides rather than focusing on her weak or bad sides. This kind of love is not blind. But what it does is to eliminate the negatives and celebrates the positives. No matter how terrible your wife is, she still has some element of goodness. When you love your wife as Jesus commands, you will pray in faith and consistently in hope for the needed changes that you desire to see in her life. It is sheer irresponsibility on the part of a husband to complain about his wife and do nothing about it in tandem with the Word of God (Bible).

Another covenant responsibility is towards your children. The covenant demands that as a husband, you have been commanded to nurture, admonish and train your children in the way of the Lord. In Deut.6:1-8, the Bible explicitly spells out who has been given the responsibilities to train up a child. Unfortunately, most husbands have abandoned their role of nurturing and training to their wives in the name of being busy. And the results are evident: misfit children, who have become lovers of money rather than lovers of God, disrespectful to authorities, having no regards for integrity and hard work. Most homes are filled with children who are indiscipline and slothful, always looking for the shortest cut to doing the right thing. Most husbands don’t even know who their children’s friends are. They are so oblivious of what their children do in school. The reason why you must take up this task of training your children is because they are from your loins and they are your seeds (Gen.17:7). Your children are also a gift from God (Ps.127:3). God will hold you accountable for what happens to them (Gen.18:19).

Therefore as a good and godly husband, rise up and take your rightful place. Be indeed the husband God wants you to be.



(Until you have a relationship with Jesus Christ, these keys will not work for you. Therefore, I want you to have a relationship with Jesus Christ, the embodiment of all wisdom and pray this prayer.

Say, Lord Jesus, I come to You as a sinner. Forgive me all my sins. Cleanse me by Your Precious blood and make me Your son. From now I will follow You and Your ways. Thank You for accepting me. Amen. Praise God. Please get into a Bible-believing church for your spiritual edification and growth.)


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