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Foundation For Becoming A Godly Husband

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The strength of any building is determined by the quality of its foundation. It is so vital to the capacity of the building and the weight it can carry. It is in this wise that the quality of life that any husband would live is dependent on the foundation he has built for himself. That is why the scripture says that if the foundation be destroyed, what then can the righteous man do.  This means that there is a limit to what any husband can do if he does not have the proper foundation. That is what has been responsible for the incessant crises in marriages particularly as it concerns the head of the family, the husband. You find husbands who have turned their wives into punching bags, cheat their wives, sexually assault their children, take and give bribes, defraud their employers and employees and have become irresponsibly lazy both with their hands and their spirits. It is important to appreciate that every great destiny of any husband is built on a solid foundation which is a combination of certain raw materials. And it is the strength of your foundation that will help you to overcome the onslaught of the devil, sin and the world against your call as a husband and your family. It is for this reason that we shall be examining in this week’s edition some of the foundations that will help you to become a good and godly husband to God, your family and the world. 

Foundation of New Birth: if you want to be great and relevant to your God and your family as the head of the family, you must have a personal relationship with the Head of all husbands, Jesus Christ. In Acts chapter 10, the scripture tells us of a husband who, though was very rich, did not have a secured and fulfilling destiny. His money and wealth could not replace that emptiness that comes to any man without Jesus Christ. In verse 45 of Acts chapter 10, the Bible says, they of the circumcised. You need your heart to be circumcised by the blood of Jesus Christ. This is why Jesus speaking to another husband, named Nicodemus in John chapter 3 verse 3 to 5 that he must be born again. But what does it mean to be born again? It means to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Personal Saviour. It has nothing to do with the name giving to you at birth or the church where you were born into. It is not about religion or title. It is about consciously asking Jesus to come into your life and surrendering all to Him. This is the first foundation that you must lay if you want to enjoy peace at home and in all areas of your life.

Foundation of Knowledge: the second foundation that you must lay is the foundation of knowledge and continued search for relevant know-how of your calling as a husband. The Scripture says in Hosea 5:6, Isaiah 5:13 and Luke 19:44 how important knowledge is to any office. One of my fathers of faith said that there is no mountain anywhere. Man’s ignorance is his mountain. The reason why some husbands molest their wives, treat their children shabbily, become lazy and irresponsible is for lack of proper knowledge. If you must succeed as a good and godly husband you must be adequately equipped with current and valid understanding. But what kind of knowledge are we talking about here? It is the knowledge from God’s Word, the Bible and other anointed godly materials or godly meetings. It is not the kind of knowledge that you get from soap opera, African Magic or Hollywood. These kinds of knowledge are not enduring and that is why those husbands who built their lives on this type of foundation do not have testimonies that are godly. They are divorced or separated, with their children under the influences of drugs, alcohol, gangstarism, cultism, prostitution and other vices. That is not the kind of testimony that God wants you to emulate as a husband.


As a husband, you must continually search the scriptures if you want to have peace and good life in your marital life (John 5:39). Only the Bible offers true and enduring foundation for a glorious flight in your journey as the head and husband of your family.


(Until you have a relationship with Jesus Christ, these keys will not work for you. Therefore, I want you to have a relationship with Jesus Christ, the embodiment of all wisdom and pray this prayer.

Say, Lord Jesus, I come to You as a sinner. Forgive me all my sins. Cleanse me by Your Precious blood and make me Your son. From now I will follow You and Your ways. Thank You for accepting me. Amen. Praise God. Please get into a Bible-believing church for your spiritual edification and growth.)



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