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Rules of Engagement for Every Husband

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I will begin today’s teaching by saying that any husband who desires to be the best of God for his families, the society and the ultimately the kingdom of God must appreciate who he is and the rules guiding his office or responsibility. This is what I call the rules of engagement. Every husband has been called unto responsibilities according to Genesis chapter 2:15, where the scripture says that the husband is to dress and keep the garden, which symbolizes the family.  It is a misnomer for any husband to transfer his God-ordained responsibilities to his wife or any person because the glory of being a husband is in the faithful commitment and dedication to duties. Just as the wife has her ordained rules of engagement, so does the husband. In I Timothy chapter 3, the Bible describes the office of the husband-hood as a good work. So any man who desires to be a husband has desired a good work. And for every office comes its responsibilities and you will be judged based on the output of your results, whether good or bad.

However, it is very important to begin to examine what defines the engagement of every husband who has been ordained by God for godliness and righteousness. In I Timothy 3:1-7, the Bible, which is the eternal truth, highlights several rules of engagement for every husband.

First, the rule says that you must be blameless. What does it mean to be blameless? It means that you must be a husband of integrity both within and without. Your family must be able to vouch for your character and even your enemies should agree with your unblemished lifestyles.

Secondly, the rule says that you must be a husband of one wife. It shows too us that God hates polygamy especially in this season or times of grace. As a husband, you are bonded to your wife only; no attachments must be allowed in form of extra marital affairs.

Thirdly, the rule says that you must be vigilant. To be vigilant in this wise entails that you must be a husband and a watchman who intercedes for his family in prayers, fasting, and the study of God’s word. You must be spiritually matured and alert. If you don’t want the influences of the world to get hold of your wife and children, then you must take personal responsibility for their spiritual cover and vigilance. Why? Because you are the head of the family and the shepherd of the sheep (Jn.10:2,14, Eph.5:23).

Fourthly, the rule says you must be of good behavior both to your family and your society. To be of good behavior begins with knowing what is good from the Bible and not as the world has propounded. God has its rules guiding what is right and what is wrong because He is the All-Wise God, whose rules can never be faulted.

Fifthly, the rule says that you must be hospitable to your family, those around you and your society. There are husbands whose lives reflect hostility. They are not friendly to their wives and children. They build a caste around their lives, making them inaccessible. They are stingy, always looking for how to take from others without a thought of giving back.

Sixthly, you must be apt to teach. Now teaching in this context reflects two areas. First as a husband, you must be able to teach your family and those around you the ways of God. And secondly you must also have a teachable spirit, willing to listen to counsel and advices. The Bible says that there is safety in the multitude of counsel. And you can get wise counsel from the Bible, anointed God inspired books and messages. It is natural for any husband to think that he knows it all. But only a fool claims to know all. You can learn from your children, your wife and from others. Cultivate a heart that is willing to learn. And you will agree that learning is a lifetime course. The day you stop learning, you start dying.

Just as in the natural where when you fail in the rules you are punished or penalized so it is with spiritual rules guiding husbands. And this has accounted for the shame and reproaches that husbands have come to live with in this generation. Most husbands have lost their glory and honour simply because they have violated the rules of engagement set out by God. In Ecc. 10:8, it says whose breaketh an hedge, a serpent will bite him.


(Until you have a relationship with Jesus Christ, these keys will not work for you. Therefore, I want you to have a relationship with Jesus Christ, the embodiment of all wisdom and pray this prayer.

Say, Lord Jesus, I come to You as a sinner. Forgive me all my sins. Cleanse me by Your Precious blood and make me Your son. From now I will follow You and Your ways. Thank You for accepting me. Amen. Praise God. Please get into a Bible-believing church for your spiritual edification and growth.)


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