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Main Scriptures: John 13:4-8

More Scriptures: Rom.8:9, Gal.4:6, I Cor.3:16

Today’s topic has its source from the title of a song we used to sing-“What shall I render”. This is what the Holy Spirit is asking a husband reading this devotional today. What have you rendered to your wife and children? What services have you been rendering lately to your flocks? Are they services of honour and respect or dishonor and disrespect? As the head of the family, you are a servant, the same way Jesus Christ, whose seed you are, served His flocks. Your headship in your home is summarized in one word-service. You are ordained by God to serve your wife and children. And this can be measured by the value and quality of your input to your flocks. In Jn.13:4-8, Jesus Christ, served His flocks by washing their feet. How well have you served your wife and children? How committed are you to the well being of your flocks-spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically? In Eph.5, the Scriptures positioned you in the same platform with Jesus Christ when it says husbands love thy wife AS CHRIST HAS LOVED THE CHURCH. This means that the same way Jesus relates with the church so are you to behave to your flocks. You must continue to evaluate your action, conduct and attitudes. A lot of the times the issues husbands have with their flocks come from within them. It is more internal than external. For instance, you complain that your wife is disrespectful and dishonest. You complain that your children are rebellious and unhospitable. Have you bothered to examine your life and your actions toward your wife and children? If you render dishonest and disrespectful services to your flocks, you should expect the same measure from them. If you continue to insult and embarrass your flocks, it will not be long for them to resist your counsel and person. They will despise you and everything that you represent.


·         Father, help me to render godly service to my wife and children

·         Father, impart me with the servanthood spirit and make me a true servant to my flocks

·         Father, save me from the power of pride and ignorance and make me useful to my flocks.



I will serve my wife and children righteously and as Jesus served us because I long to remain a good and godly husband in Jesus name. Amen.

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