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Main Scriptures: John 13:4-8

More Scriptures: Rom.8:9, Gal.4:6, I Cor.3:16

But what shall I then render to my flocks? First, you must render to them the life of Christ in you. The life that Christ lived for mankind must be reproduced in your life- a life of forgiveness, mercy, kindness, peace, compassion, provision, faith, intercession and defence. Secondly, you must continue to sacrifice your soul, body and spirit for your wife and children. You are the spiritual leader of your fold and you are under a spiritual order and influence. The ultimate of your headship is to influence and inspire your wife and children for God and His kingdom. Remember that Jesus Christ, Whom you represent in your home, laid down His life for humanity, even though He had the power to lay it and take it. Nothing of value is convenient and any service that you render to your wife and children because it is convenient is not a sacrifice. As you allow the Spirit of Christ (Rom.8:9) to gain access into your life, your flesh dies and His Spirit dominates you to serve your wife and children. Thirdly, you must fight the spirit and power of condemnation. In Rom.8:34, God’s word says who is he that condemneth? You must learn not to condemn your wife and children or be critical about them. If you allow the spirit of condemnation, which is also called a haughty spirit, to get hold of you, you will not see anything good about your wife and children. And this attitude will hinder you from rendering godly service of kindness, support, sacrifice, prayers, and much more to them. Do not condemn them. Do not become critical of them. Serve them lovingly. No one else can render godly service to your wife and children like you would. No one can teach them like you would. No one can mentor your flocks like you would. No one can give them a meaning on earth like you would. You are a god to them (Ps.82:6). You have all it takes in God to serve them unto godliness. Don’t disappoint heaven


·         Father, save me from every foolish and irresponsible action and utterance towards my flocks

·         Father, deliver me from unreasonable husbands and environment working against my office as a godly husband

·         Father, help me to be a positive mentor to my flocks.


I am ordained by God to be a servant to my wife and children in godliness and humility because I long to be a good and godly husband in Jesus name. Amen.



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