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Main Scriptures: James 1:22-25

More Scriptures: Ecc.7:12, Pro.10:21, Ps.1:2

Walking in divine or godly wisdom as the head of your family is very important to your success as a husband. As a spiritual authority in the administration of your family kingdom, you need heavenly wisdom to lead your wife and children, especially in this age where worldly wisdom has failed to provide help to the increasing rate of breakdowns in most relationships between husbands and wives. But what is divine wisdom? Divine wisdom means knowing what to do from God’s word and doing it. In Jas.1:22-25, the Scriptures give this account: But be ye doers of the WORD, and not HEARERS only, DECEVING your own selves. For ANY be a hearer of the WORD and not DOER, HE IS LIKE UNTO A MAN BEHOLDING HIS NATURAL FACE IN A GLASS FOR HE BEHOLDETH HIMSELF AND GOETH HIS WAY AND STRAIGHTWAY FORGETTETH WHAT MANNER OF MAN HE WAS.   Wisdom also is a defence. In Ecc.7:12, Scriptures say that wisdom is a DEFENCE. With God’s wisdom, you can defend your flocks from outside invasion. You can also protect your office from the rampaging force of separation and divorce or loneliness. It is God’s will for you to walk and live in His wisdom as a husband. It is your principal weapon to win over your wife and children to your side. It is the key that encourages your wife and children to submit to your authority in all things. In Pro.4, God’s word describes wisdom as the principal thing. It has the power to hold your family together and to heal emotional wounds and relationships. Infact, it is so powerful it can destroy the spirit of bitterness and hatred in your home. You are the head of the family and you cannot continue to live a foolish life, bringing embarrassment to your wife, children and your other admirers. You must appreciate that the opposite of wisdom is foolishness. And at the root of the problems you are having with your wife and children is lack of wisdom (Pro.10:21). Therefore, go for godly wisdom.


·         Father, give me grace to do what is right to my wife and children at all times

·         Father, deliver me from foolishness and empower me to live in divine wisdom as I lead my flocks

·         Father, help me to give attention to Your word tirelessly and help me to meditate on them


 I am helped by God to be wise, good and godly to my wife and children because I desperately desire to be so in Jesus glorious name, Amen

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