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The Fatherhood Nature Of The Husband

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Main Scriptures: 1Thess.2:11-12

More Scriptures: Ps.23:4, 1Thess.2:11, Mk.9:2

As ye know how we exhorted and comforted and charged every one of you, as a father doeth his children. That ye would walk worthy of God, who hath called you unto his kingdom and glory (1 Thess.2:11-12). When I got to the office to study the Bible, the Holy Spirit inspired this passage in my spirit for every husband. Many husbands do not know that they are three personalities in one. What this means therefore is that as a husband, you can function as a man, a father and a leader. Now how do I function as a father? 1Thess gives the prescription. It says, as ye know how we EXHORTED and COMFORTED and CHARGED everyone of you as a FATHER DOTH HIS CHILDREN. You are a father not only to your children but also to your wife. Infact, by the ordination of God upon your life as the head of your family, you are both their physical and spiritual father. But what does a father do? As a father, you exhort, comfort and motivate your wife and children. You are commanded to encourage your flocks and not discouraged them. You are also commanded to comfort your wife and children when they are hurt mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and in any other areas possible. You are also to inspire and motivate them notwithstanding their failures. But what can I do to function in this office? The first and most important step to take is for you to take charge of your family and refuse to external and ungodly influences. Let satan and the whole world know that you are in charge of your family kingdom. You must not look or act like someone who is being begged to be a father or lacking in knowledge of what to do. Secondly, you must act responsibly. This means that you must do all things decently and in order bringing glory to God. Thirdly, you must contend for your position as a husband in prayers. You would be foolish to think that satan is happy that you are the head of your family. The first husband, Adam, tried it and he paid dearly for this assumption. Prayer does not only empower you, it also generates wisdom that puts in control. You must stop behaving like a garage tout. Fatherhood is your glory, let it count for your wife and children.



·         Father, by Your Spirit, teach me how to behave as a father

·         Father, deliver me from the power of irresponsibility

·         Father, fill me with supernatural wisdom and help me to act as a father would.


I am a responsible father to my wife and children because I have the mind of Christ in Jesus name. Amen.


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