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Handle With Care

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Main Scriptures: Gen.1:26-28

More Scriptures: Mal.2:14, Eph.5:22, 1Pt.3:7

Have you ever purchased something very precious and expensive? If you have, you will notice something striking about the item. You will see something like this, HANDLE WITH CARE. The reason is that if you mishandle it or manhandle the item, you will not only lose the value, you will also lose the item, sometime permanently. Now this is what the Person of the Holy Spirit is telling you, the head of your family and the spiritual authority over your wife and children-handle your wife and children with utmost care. If you mishandle your flocks, you may lose them to the world. Your wife and children are precious in the sight of God, so you must see them in that light. God took His time to form your wife and children. He exercised diligent care and precision when He formed your flocks. And after He had made them, the Scripture says, and He saw that everything that He has created was VERY GOOD (Gen.1:26). God did not give you a bad wife or children. He gave you a very good wife and wonderful children (Is.1:18-19). If there is anything bad about them, you are principally responsible for it. You cannot maltreat your wife and children and expect to reap their values and respect. Even it seems you are enjoying them now, sometime in the future, they will disintegrate. Take a cue from the glass cup. But how do I handle my wife and children with care? Firstly, you must treat them with respect and honour. If you honour them, they will reciprocate and honour you in return. If you respect them, they will also respond in the same measure, because whatever a man sows that is what he will reap. Secondly, you must not abuse or think evil of them. The Bible says that out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. If your heart is full of evil thoughts toward your wife and children your life will gravitate to be mean, ungodly, unkind and hurtful to them. Another way you can handle your wife and children with care is see them as the express image of God rather than pieces of furniture. If you see them as gifts from God, you treat them the same way God would. And as you handle your flocks with utmost care, your life will continue to count positively today and in the future.



·         Father, by Your Spirit, teach me to be diligent in handling my wife and children

·         Father, help me to honour my wife and children as You would

·         Father, help me not to take Your grace for granted.


I recommit to handle my wife and children as precious seeds in Jesus holy name. Amen.


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