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Satan Is Your Enemy

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Main Scriptures: John 10:9-11

More Scriptures: Est.7:6, I Tim.5:14, I Pt.5:8

The Lord said to me to tell husbands, that their greatest enemy is not their wives or children. God said to me to tell husbands that their greatest enemy is the devil. The misbehavior of your wife or children is rooted in the operation of the devil. Satan is the person instigating and influencing them to do the things that you don’t like. If you read the message of Jesus Christ, the Head of husbands, and example for husbands, He tells us that the devil has come to steal, kill and destroy (Jn.10:10). Whatever you notice about your wife and children that is ugly and ungodly is coming from the devil. It is spiritual corruption. All the troubles you are having with your wife and children are intended by the devil to destroy your glorious family life. God has ordained your home and family to be a garden of honour and blessing. This is why the Scriptures tell us that our fight is not against flesh and blood, but it is against principalities and powers in dark and high places. You must understand that as the head of the family and overseer of your wife and children, your position will be continually threatened by the devil. He is afraid that your godly influence would lead your wife and children to heaven and make them a positive mark on earth. If you have this understanding, you would not confront your wife and children rather, you would confront the devil, your enemy. Beating up your wife, denying her your good benevolence, becoming harsh and unfriendly with your children as a result of their unwarranted misbehavior is not the solution. It is not God’s way to bringing them to godly path. However, instead of beating your wife and children deal ruthlessly with the devil and instigator of bad behaviours. But how do I beat the enemies of their souls? You beat the enemy by taking your wife and children up in prayers and fasting. This means you engage the weapon of heartfelt intercession. This will deliver your wife and children from ungodly habits and attitudes. Prayer remains your most potent weapon to keep your position as the head of the family intact and the lives of your wife and children in perfect peace. Therefore, the next time your wife and child misbehave, bind the devil and its operations rather than curse your flock.

·         Father, empower me to deal with the enemy of the soul of my wife and children

·         Father, reveal to me the trick  of the devil, responsible for my wife and children’s ungodly attitude

·         Father, give me victory and hear me whenever I lift my wife and children in prayers


I am a husband of power and strength; I will win over every negative influence working in the lives of my wife and children in Jesus mighty name. Amen.


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