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Arena Of Sin

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Main Scriptures: I Thess.5:20-22

More Scriptures: Pro.5:8, Pro.7:7, Heb.4:13

FLEE FROM APPEARANCES OF SIN. This is what I call the magnetic field of sin that every husband must avoid at all cost if he wants to retain and sustain the dignity of his office. As the head of the family, there are several things that are calling for your attention. These deviations come from the internet, television, newspapers, radio programmes and even your friends in the office. These deviations are designed to take you away from your family and children. They are traps of the enemy of your position to destroy the relationship you have with your wife and children. And that explains why as the head of the family, God is warning you to run away from anything and anyone that appears sin-attractive. Just the same way magnet attracts pins that get close to it, you must not get close to the magnetic field of sin. For instance, you must avoid the arena of a beer parlour or the lure of a brothel or even the house of a woman who is not your wife if you don’t want to fall into temptation. All men are tempted including husbands. There is nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is when you fall into it. There are husbands who have gotten close to unhealthy relationships and ultimately lost their crown as the spiritual leader of their homes. As the head of the family, you must be very careful with what you say, where you go and who you meet. From time to time you must evaluate the impact of your relationships with your fellow husbands and opposite sex. The Scriptures say, examine yourself if you are still in the faith. Some husbands have long lost their faith by reason of the kind of contacts they have made and kept. It is not all relationships that you must keep. It is not all places that you must go. It is not all appointments that you must honour. You must safeguard your wife and children from scandal, shame, and embarrassment by guiding the kind of influences that you allow into your life. But how do I know which magnetic field has sin beneath it? You will know through and by the help of the Holy Spirit. In Jn.14:26, the Word of God says that He will teach you all things and guide you into all truths. So the Person of the Holy Spirit will teach where to go and how to go and He will guide you in and out of unhealthy relationships. However, you must invite Him into your life and be willingly to do His bidding. The life of your wife and children are precious in the sight of God. You must not disappoint God by allowing your life to be messed up by the devil. Keep off from the magnetic field of sin.


·         Father, by Your Spirit guide me and lead me away from the environment of sin, even as I lead my wife and children.

·         Father, empower me to refuse the appearances of sin and its attraction

·         Father, let Your mercy prevail over my life and restore my dignity.


I walk away from the magnetic field of sin because I have power with God as a good and godly husband in Jesus mighty name. Amen

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