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Compassion Toward Them

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Main Scriptures: Mark 6:33-35

More Scriptures: Ps.78:38, Jer.12:15, Zech.7:9

As the head of the family, you have been called by God to be a man of compassion first towards your wife and children, and by extension to the world. You cannot do anything meaningful to your wife and children and the dying world without compassion. Compassion is what inspires you to do to your flocks what no other person can do for them. It is compassion that influences you to give your time and resources to a wife and children when they do not deserve your love and care. Now look at the account of Jesus Christ, our example of how husbands should behave, in Mk.6. People followed Him from place to place in His evangelic work, just the same way your wife and children are following you. It got to a point that the people looked confused and helpless in the same way your child and wife may appear. But rather than get frustrated with their attitude, he was moved with compassion and that inspired Him to teach them to become better people. And Jesus, when he came out saw much people, and was MOVED WITH COMPASSION TOWARD THEM, because they were as sheep not having a shepherd and he began to teach them many things. Mk.6:34. You are the head of the family and the shepherd of your wife and children. They are your sheep. You cannot teach and guide them if you are not compassionate. That is the reason why you seem to be having difficulty in getting the attention of your wife and children. Your wife needs your help to be better. She wants to get out of that unhappy situation she is in. Your children are looking up to you for direction on what to do and not to do concerning their relationships, academics, emotions, finances and career. Their concerns will not be your concern if you do not have compassion towards them. But why is compassion a fundamental virtue for you as the spiritual leader of your family? It is very necessary because that is what connects you to the inner person of your wife and children. As you move in the same way Jesus Christ moved to teach your flocks, they will begin to identify with you as their leader whom they can depend upon. It also helps them to open up to you about their inner pains, anger and fears. And once that is established, your wife and children will follow you joyfully and delightsomely without any resistance. However, for you to be filled with compassion toward your wife and children, you must pray to the Holy Spirit to make your heart a heart of flesh filled with godly emotions. Prayer remains your greatest weapon to becoming a godly husband to your flocks. Also, you must be expectant by exercising your faith because you cannot receive anything from God and the Holy Spirit without faith. So if you want to be relevant to your wife and children as their head, then you must be filled with righteous compassion.


·         Father, make me useful to my wife and children and Your kingdom

·         Father, deliver me from careless attitude toward my wife and children

·         Father, save me from the power and spirit of slothfulness as I lead my flocks


I am filled with compassion toward my flocks as their head in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

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