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From Without And Within

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Main Scriptures: Mark 7:15-16

More Scriptures: Ps.133:2, Lk.21:14, Ac.1:24, Rev.2:23

There is nothing from without a man that entering into him can defile him, but the things which come out of him, those are they that defile the man. If any man have ears to hear, let him hear. Mk.7:15-16. This is the main text of our devotional today. The Scriptures say that it is what you do to your wife and children that defines your fitness or otherwise, and not what you think. Now let me share with you an interesting story that will help you understand what Jesus was saying. This husband had been very helpful to his flock, helping them in areas where they needed help and serving them as Jesus Christ served the world. On this fateful day, he was on his way to fetch water for the family as he had always done because of the water situation in the area where they lived. On his way, he met another husband who asked him where he was going. He joyfully responded that he was going to get water for the family. And his fellow husband remarked in such an uncomplimentary manner about the fact that he wanted to help his family. His friend concluded that he cannot do that for his wife. This statement made by his friend changed the entire atmosphere at home. He returned home angry and began to react unhusbandly to the extent that the wife noticed his change of attitude. Afterall, when he volunteered to fetch water for his family, having considered that his wife was nursing a baby, he was looking happy. Why the sudden change? Now, it was not what entered him that defiled him. It was what came out of him that defiled him. As the head of the family, your heart is like a toll gate with all kinds of ideas, information and suggestion seeking to have its way. Yes, they may have a right to come into your heart, but they don’t have the right to determine how you behave to your wife and children. For instance, your wife or children may have offended you and all kind of thoughts are racing in your heart on what to do- beat them up, send them away, deny them your goodwill and much more. As a spiritual leader, you can render those evil suggestions or words powerless. You can demobilize them and not have them influence you to misbehave to your wife and children. But you may want to ask, how do I render those words, just like the ones in our true life story ineffective so that I do not defile my relationship with my wife and children? You render those ungodly thoughts powerless by firstly pleading the blood of Jesus Christ daily in line with Rev.12:10. Secondly, you must be a knowledge-filled husband. If you know so much of what God has asked you to do from His word and you allow the word of God to saturate your life, it will subdue those things that go in to defile your life. This is why you must make your Bible your daily companion and your final authority. Husband, you can be the best to your flocks


·         Father, by Your Spirit, saturate my life with Your word for power and influence

·         Father, make me victorious in my thought warfare

·         Father, let only Your will  prevail in my action to my flocks


I am overwhelmed by the power in the word of Jesus Christ to make all the difference in the lives of my wife and husband as their head in Jesus name. Amen.

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