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Malaysian Flight Mh370

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Main Scriptures: Matthew 24:20

More Scriptures: Rom.8:14, Gal.5:18, Ps.122:3

The topic today was inspired by the Holy Spirit. And He wants every husband to learn a lesson from it. The Malaysian airline flight MH370 took off from Malaysia to arrive at Beijing, China. It had on board over 200 passengers including cabin crew members. Few hours after take-off, it went missing from the radar. For several days all the machinery to look for the missing plane was deployed by countries in and around Malaysia. Finally, it was discovered that it crashed into the Indian Ocean, with no survivor in sight. The reasons as to why the plane crashed could only be answered by the pilot, who unfortunately was dead. Why? Because the pilot is the one in charge of the plane. He, to a large extent, determines what happens with the plane carrying all the passengers. And very importantly, the lives of the passengers are indirectly in the hands of the pilot. Why is this relevant to you as the head of the family? As the head of the family, your home is like the aircraft and your wife and children are the passengers in the airplane. Their lives are to a large extent in your hands. You can take them high beyond the clouds to their place of glory or crash them into the water, destroying their destinies. God has put you in control of your wife and children. God is at the control tower to keep in touch with you, every step of the way in the administration of your home. You cannot afford to be off the radar otherwise, you may end your home in destruction. Only a foolish pilot will want to be out of the radar of the control towers. God has made you wise. Can you now see how relevant you are to the lives of your wife and children, when you consider your position as that of a pilot? But you may want to ask, when do I get off the radar of God, which is the control tower, as the head of the family? You get off the radar when you live in disobedience to the commandments and instructions of God. God has founded the position of the husbandhood and chose you to occupy it. He knows the rules. He sets the rules and He can see farther that you can see. He expects some standards from you as the head of the family. So when you disobey Him, you have deliberately gone outside the radar. And what this means is that you are flying at your own risk-anything and anyone can destroy your home. But you may want to ask, what do I gain if I fly my home aircraft within the view of the control tower of God? The benefit is that you enjoy safety, because being under His radar implies that you are being led by the Spirit of God (Rom.8:14, Gal.5:18). God begins to tell what to do and what not to do from His word that will make your relationship with your wife and children solid and exemplary. He instructs you on the journey your wife and children should embark on and even the steps to take to inspire confidence and hope in the lives of your flocks to make your home compact according to Ps.122:3. Husbands, you’re the pilot. Fly gloriously for them.


·         Father, give me grace to remain within Your radar as I lead my flocks

·         Father, deliver me from every trap of disobedience and discouragement

·         Father, let the profits of my obedience to Your will come to me speedily


 I resist every distraction on my flight because I want to remain within the radar of Jesus Christ as the husband of my wife and children in Jesus name. Amen.

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