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Husbands Mend Broken Pots

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Main Scriptures:  Gen.2:7-9

More Scriptures: Heb.1:3, Jn.5:39, Jn.6:63

As the head of the family and spiritual leader of your home, you are in charge to mend everything that is breaking or broken in your home. God has designed you to fix every challenge that shows up in your family. When God created you in Gen.2:7, He breathe His life into you so that you can behave like Him. And you know that God cannot run away from any challenge. God has put you into your family and has made you the head to manifest your authority to overcome any difficulty, whether over the health of your wife and children, wayward attitude of your children, disrespect from your wife, financial challenges and much more. As the shepherd of the sheep, God is telling you that you don’t have to run away from home. Stay with the problems in battle until it disappears forever. Sadly most husbands have abandoned their families to their fate, leaving them to face the trials alone. This may explain why most husbands have lost the glory of their calling. Their wives no longer respect them neither do their children honour them. Why? Because when they needed you most, you absconded. But how do I mend the problems that are confronting my family? First you must appreciate that the challenges are real and can be solved. Secondly, sit with your Bible with the issue on the table. Locate relevant scriptures that talk about the matter. When you have identified the right stones from the Word of God, you start to war in prayers with the truth that you have discovered from God’s Word, the Bible. If you follow these steps, wrapped in faith, you will find the challenges dissolve. I cannot but share this testimony over and over again with you. It is one testimony that daily empowers me to trust God and work with Him to mend anything broken in my home. When we had challenge with child bearing, I sat with my Bible side by side the problem. I located over 60 scriptures that showed me God’s will for my fruitfulness. With these truths, I went to war in prayer and fasting for 7 days. And to the glory of God, the barrier was broken and today we are parents of children. You can fix that disobedient wife and children. You can fix that health challenge in your family. You can fix that hate and disrespect manifesting in your family. No matter the challenge, you can fix it well because you have the mind of Christ. You are the true reflection of the wisdom of God. God has empowered you to triumph in all areas of your life. God is speaking to a husband today saying, that problem can be fixed. God is saying don’t run away. Stay at it and your will come out triumphant. You will never lose any fight again in Jesus mighty name. Amen. You are the triumphant husband and leader.


·         Father, empower me not give up on my wife and children.

·         Father, help me to remain focused on doing good to them

·         Father, empower me by Your Spirit to always understand my roles


I am empowered by the Spirit of God to be a good and godly husband to my wife and children in Jesus precious name. Amen.






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