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Husbands Cleave To Good

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Main Scriptures: Romans 12:9-10

More Scriptures:

PROPHECY: There is a husband reading this devotional and all that you see about your wife and children is bad and evil. The Holy Spirit says, let go of those negatives and hold onto what is good about your wife and children.

Do you know that no matter how terrible your wife or child may be, there is something good about them? Do you know that your wife and children are not as bad as they appear? Do you know that your flocks have great potentials to become God’s best to humanity? But you know that satan will never want that to happen so he blinds you from seeing them as God would. This is the more reason why today’s Scripture is critical for the survival of your office as a husband. Now consider this for a moment. What were those things you would not enjoyed if you didn’t have a wife? What would your life have been if you didn’t have a child (ren)? Do you remember that famous song that encourages us to count our blessings and name them one by one? As a husband, if you can truly think about your wife and children, you will be full of thanks. However, for you to cleave to what is good about your wife and children, you must decide daily to only consider what is good about them. Being thankful is not a gift. No husband is gifted to thank God for his flocks. Thanksgiving is a choice, a deliberate one for that matter. You must make the choice. Another step to take is to encourage and support their good sides. Every time you celebrate your wife and children, you motivate them to be their best to you. Tell them how thankful you are to God for their lives. Tell them how strong they are and impactful their actions have been to you and the people around them. Be their cheerleader………………..e of fasting and prayers (Mk.9:29)


·         Father, by Your Spirit, teach me deep things about my role as a husband

·         Father, deliver me from the power of pride and over self estimation of self.

·         Father, by the blood of Jesus Christ, make me both a hearer and doer of Your instructions


I make a vow to search my BIBLE always to know the plan of God for my wife and children because I am committed to becoming a good and godly husband in Jesus name. Amen.

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