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Month: September 2016

The Ambushed Husband (4)

Satan wants you to err. He wants you to be out of line with your flock. He wants to swallow you up. He wants you to be visionless about your family. Remember that the word of God says that where there is no vision, the people perish. Satan wants your family to perish. And the only way he can achieve that plan is to make sure that you fall into the trap of drunkenness.

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The Ambushed Husband (2)

As a husband, one trap satan would want to set for you several times over is the trap of adultery. Yes! He tells you how depreciated your wife has become. He reminds you of the ugliness around your wife. He shows you how attractive the lady on the otherside is. He shows you how the value of your wife has continued to drop in the market. He carries on a lustful voyage of the lady you watched on porn sites. He tells you how incompetent your wife has become in the bedroom. But they are all lies.

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Husbands In Marriage

As long as Jesus Christ was with His disciples, nobody could hurt them, not even the Pharisees. When Apostle Paul was on a voyage with some people in the same boat, the storm came threatening to destroy both the passengers and the boat. But one man stood up and declared hope and safety for the people in the boat. His name was Apostle Paul. Thirdly, you are a recovery agent in your family kingdom.

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Real Husbands Live For Their Families

It is never convenient to be the real husband. Being the real husband demands your commitment. I mean 100% commitment. You cannot handle your position half heartedly and expect to make the most of your influence on the lives of your wife and children. So I can safely tell you that being a husband and the head of the family is a full time assignment

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