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Month: October 2016

​it Shall Be Permanent

God loves you so much to let you down as a husband and head of your family. He wants you to succeed as a leader over your flock. He wants you to live in health and vitality. He wants your flock to honour you within and outside the home. God wants the love you have for your wife to keep increasing from strength to strength. He wants you to sustain the zeal you once had for your wife and children

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Be Fully Convinced

So as the husband and leader of your family, you can be convinced beyond what you see or hear or think on the basis of God’s word that your flock can be beautified by the life of Christ. Sometimes, you may have prayed and fasted and even given to ensure that your flock change from bad to good, yet it appears you are not getting the results that you desire.

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The Man In Uz

God wants you to be a mentor to men and husbands like you. So the question that should bother you is, which man and husband am I mentoring? Can my life be truly seen as a true reflection of the totality of a husband and leader? As a husband, you must appreciate that there is so much at stake. You cannot live life alone. You are called to affect others for Christ

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