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It Takes Two To Find

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Main Scriptures: Luke 2:42-48

More Scriptures: Am.3:3, Matt.18:19, Ecc.4:9

IT TAKES TWO TO FIND. When Jesus Christ was twelve years old, He went up with parents to Jerusalem after the custom of the feast. But in the course of the celebration, Jesus went to the temple and sat with doctors and the highly intelligent to hear their wisdom and also ask questions. After the feast, his parents returned to their home thinking that Jesus had found His way home. Unfortunately, when His parents got home, they did not find Him. They became worried and concerned about the whereabouts of their Son, Jesus, just as any parent would. And in verse 48, something interesting happened. Joseph and Mary went looking for their son together. Behold thy Father (Joseph) and I (Mary) sought (searched for) thee (Jesus). Have you wondered what would have happened if it was only Mary that went to look for Jesus without the assistance of her husband or vice versa? Your answer is as good as mine. Either of them would have been frustrated and discouraged. But both of them went searching for their son TOGETHER. This is the same attitude that God expects from every husband. No matter what is missing in your family life, if only you will cooperate with your wife, you will find it very quickly. It may be that you have been married for some time now and your wife is yet to conceive and give your children. It could also be that the health and vitality of your wife and children is missing.

It is ungodly for you to leave your wife alone to go looking for it. It is not right for your wife to be the one that will attend the prayer meetings for those expecting the fruits of the womb or healing services. In Ecc. 4:9, it says two are better than one. Why? Because they have a good reward for their labour. And in verse 12 of Ecc.4, the Scriptures say and if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him. And in Amos 3:3, the Word of God says, can two walk together, except they be agreed? What happens when you partner with your wife to find? First, it makes you both to find it very quickly. Secondly, it terminates frustration and discouragements. Thirdly, it guarantees victory. Jesus speaking said, whatever the two of you shall agree as touching ANYTHING  on earth shall be established in heaven (Matt.18:19). Husbands, be at the forefront of the search with your wife and it will amaze you how quickly your testimony will arrive.

SPIRITUAL EXERCISE                                                                     

·         Father, by Your Spirit, deliver me from false estimation of self and fill me with meekness

·         Father, by Your Spirit, empower me to partner with my wife to search for all the missing blessing in our home

·         Father, by Your mercy, help us to find our blessings in You speedily


I work and walk with my wife as my covenant partner to find the missing blessings because that is the will of God for me toward becoming a good and godly husband in Jesus name. Amen.

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