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Month: November 2016

Follow His Footsteps

As a husband, if your wife and children have become rebellious or resisting following you, you must ask yourself these following questions. Am I living a transparent life that my wife and children can emulate? Have I truly been a worthy mentor to them? Does my action toward my wife and children and the things of God agrees with what I say? Have I done something different from what I teach or say? Your wife and children are watching you.

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The Scale

The force of love can override the influences of bitterness. Do you know why? Because God is love (1Jn.4:16).  And because darkness will always bow at the gates of light, you must open your heart for the Spirit of love to gain access so that when your wife and children offend you, you can say with assurance in your heart that the LOVE OF GOD IN MY HEART IS SUPERIOR TO THE OFFER OF HATE by the devil.

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