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The Husbandman

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Main Scriptures: John 15:1-4

More Scriptures: 2Tim.2:6, Jn.15:7, 1Pet.3:7

What does the Person of the Holy Spirit want to teach you and I as husbands? I believe it is something useful. Now who is the husbandman? The husbandman is a labourer. The husbandmen that laboureth (2Tim.2:6). This means that your call into the office of the husbandhood is a call into hardwork- working for the good of your wife, children, and others around you. Jesus Christ, our Perfect example was and still remains a worker. He lived His life on earth for the good of the Kingdom of God and the whole of humanity. He demonstrated such commitment to His flock that today His calling is a testimony to all of us, who are husbands and heads of our families. He didn’t assume the position to be served. Rather, He became the Husbandman to serve. As the head of your family, God has called you to serve Him and your family. That is your assignment. But what are the qualities of the husbandman? First, he is a fruit bearing seed (Jn.15:2). As the head of the family, you must be able to reproduce your kind in the lives of your wife and children through your godly conduct and influences. Second, you must live a clean and pure life (Jn.15:3). This talks about living a life that is pleasing to God both in words and in conduct. It also means that you have overcome the filthiness of the flesh and of the spirit (2Cor.7:1). Third, he abides in God and in His Word (Jn.15:4). You must allow the Word of God to influence the way you live and relate with your wife and children, irrespective of the opinion of man.

You must not choose which instructions from God’s word to obey and which one to disobey. You must take the word of God as the truth and the whole truth. When you consider these attributes of the husbandman, you will discover that it requires some input from you, and that is why you are called the labourer. For instance, you have to labour in the Word of God by committing yourself to reading, meditating and putting to use the instructions of God. Another example is your responsibility to daily renew your minds through thinking right and doing right to your wife, children and all people (Rom.12:2). So you cannot sit down and hope that you will ever become a better husbandman to your wife and children without working it out. The good news is this, when you live out these characters of the husbandman, you will receive anything that you pray for in prayers (Jn.15:7, 1Pt.3:7-9)


·         Father, by the blood of Jesus Christ, remove every ungodly dress I have won in the past.

·         Father, by Your Spirit, put on me the dress of righteousness and holiness

·         Father, by Your Spirit, make my life a living example to my wife and children


I walk in the fullness of the demand of the husbandman because that is what makes me a good and godly husband to my wife and children in Jesus name. Amen.


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