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The Integrity Of A Husband

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Main Scriptures: Luke 10:21

More Scriptures: Matt.5:16, Is.3:4, I Kg.9:4

….O Father Lord of heaven and earth,……hast revealed them unto babes.. for it seemed good in thy sight (Lk.10:21). I want to share with you an interesting encounter that happened to me some time ago, which has challenged me and has kept me on guard. It was a statement made by my daughter. We were discussing and I asked her what to tell me what she understood by integrity. And she responded and said “integrity is who you are and what you say you are”. It was one of the most profound statements I have ever heard in my short life as a husband and father. I thought I didn’t hear well and she repeated exactly what she said earlier. I was blessed by what she said and was also put on check as the spiritual leader, by daily asking myself if I am what I say I am. And this is the challenge God is throwing at every one of us who are husbands and spiritual leaders in our homes. Can our wives and children vouched for our integrity? Can our friends and family members say without any doubt that we are men of integrity? Are you different from what you say? Do your words and actions reflect who you say you really are?

As the head of the family, the cheapest way to lead your wife and children is to allow who you say you are to agree with what you say you are. If you say you are a faithful husband, do you sincerely live a faithful life? If you say you are a man that hates lying, are you honest in your dealings with your wife and children, finances and business? The Scriptures say, providing HONOURABLE THINGS, not only in the sight of the Lord, but also in the sight of men. As the head of the family, you are ordained by God to provide honorable things not only in the sight of God but also in the sight of men, beginning with your wife and children. There are husbands who appear so well before their pastors or church members – zealous in service, giving of their time and finances, getting committed to church activities but the things and attitudes that they put up at home or do to their wives and children are so dishonorable. God is saying to you that your headship over your family is to live a life of integrity (Matt.5:16). Are you who you say you are?


·         Father, by the power in the blood of Jesus Christ, deliver me from every root of ungodliness

·         Father, make my life whole and transparent before You and my wife and children

·         Father, empower me by Your Spirit to live my life according to Your will and purposes


I receive help from the Holy Spirit to do what is right even when no one is there because that is how I can grow to become a good and godly husband to my wife and children in Jesus name. Amen.

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