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Legacy Makes Every Husband Great

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Main Scriptures: Heb.11:23-26

More Scriptures: 1Tim.5:17, Mk.8:36, Acts 3:6

I didn’t plan to write this today. But just as I opened my Bible, this popped up in my spirit and my Greatest Teacher, the Person of the Holy Spirit impressed it on me to write. THINGS DON’T MAKE A LEADER, SACRIFICE DOES. As the head of your family and the spiritual leader over your flock, your income or material possession is not what gives value to your headship. You don’t get satisfaction in accumulating houses, gardens, vineyards, flocks and so much more. It is the quality of your stewardship to your wife and children that adds value to your position as the leader. As the head of your family, your life will only make meaning to your flock when you demonstrate a life of sacrifice. But for you to matter and be a valuable leader to your flock, you need to firstly value godliness above profits. What this means is that as a husband, you will not substitute your family for the gains of the moment. You must understand that life without God is a pathway to a life of futility. Secondly, you must have godly plans for them.

As the head of your family, you must work toward significance and meaningful goals for your wife and children. God is interested in the legacy that you are leaving behind. Jesus Christ, the perfect example of how husbands are ordained to behave, left for His flock a life of significance. He may not have left silver, gold or diamond. But He left His life and values with His disciples. Today, we celebrate Peter, Matthew, Mark, Luke and others. And the Scripture affirms that the people around testified that these men have been with Christ. There are so many things I do for my wife and children that are not convenient but which I must do as a sacrifice. Sometimes, I spend time to teach my children their school work even when I am obviously tired. Other times, I take time out to help out in the house chores, and provide support to my sheep. When your life is meaningful to your flock, they will honour you. They would also look forward to your presence. And finally they will pray for you. In verse 17 of 1Tim.5, the Scripture says, let the elders that RULE WELL be counted worthy of double honour, especially they who labour in the word and doctrine.  


·         Father, by Your Spirit, help me to get my priorities right concerning my family.

·         Father, deliver me from the deception of the devil to compromise my family.

·         Father, help me to see You as You are-faithful, compassionate and merciful.


I will place godly values above earthly riches because I want to prepare an eternal path of glory for my wife and children as a good and godly husband in Jesus name. Amen.

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