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Love Your Wife

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The first evidence of your headship as a husband is the love you have for your wife. Do you love your wife? The Bible tells us that husbands are to love thy wife, whether or not she is tall, short, black, illiterate or educated old school or sweet sixteen. It is a commanded-love. To love your wife is not a suggestion but a commandment from God. God commands you to love your wife. He didn’t need your opinion because He is Love and understands it better.

To love your wife is not only in words, but in actions also. The kind that speaks, and can be touched and felt. Husbands, if your love for your wife is convenient then it’s not true love. Jesus, your perfect example of a groom loved us and died for us even when it was not alright. While we are yet sinners, He died for us. So your wife may not deserve love, give it to her. Show her kindness, pray for her good, be protective of her, don’t condemned her, show her compassion, help her to grow.

Love is a seed and if you sow the seed of love to your wife, you reap a harvest of respect and honour from her. Isn’t it worth loving your wife?

Spiritual exercise:

·         In the name of Jesus Christ, I sow the seed of genuine love into the hearts of my wife.

·         I uproot every seed of hate that I have planted in the heart of my wife and replace it with a seed of love.

·         By the blood of Jesus, I cancel every fruit of disrespect, disunity and abuse in my family and between my wife and I.

·         Holy Spirit of God, spread abroad in my heart the God-kind of love.

·         By the fire of the Holy Ghost, I burn every chaff hindering me from loving my wife sacrificially

·         I water my seed of love to grow bountifully in the heart of my wife.

·         Father, make my wife, my treasure and let me sow good seed.

 Faith confession:

I am a Godly husband; I sow God-kind of love into my wife without any reservation in Jesus name. Amen


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