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Divorce Is Not The Way To Go

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To divorce your wife or put her away is against God’s plan for you. When He said to you that for this cause you shall leave your father and mother and be joined to your wife and both of you shall become flesh (Gen.2:24). God desires you to enjoy your marriage maximally. He wants you to protect your marriage as a good shepherd will protect his sheep. In verse 15b of our main text, the bible tells you not to deal treacherously against your wife. That if you do that she may want to divorce you. But what does it mean to deal treacherously with your wife? It means not loving her as commanded by God in I Cor. 13:1-end and Eph. 5:25. When you beat her, you don’t love her. When you deny her your body, but give it to another woman, you don’t love her. When you don’t provide rather you steal from her, you don’t love her. All these may lead her away from you.

Every woman wants to be loved; that is how God made the woman. He made the woman from finished material, man (Gen.2:21-23). So when you treat her with respect, divorce will be far from your vocabulary. Divorce is satanic and God hates it. No matter the challenges you are going through with your wife, you can by the wisdom of God settle it in truth and in deed. There are no irreconcilable differences, there are only irresponsible husbands.

Make a decision today to mend your marriage. Don’t pass the blame. Ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to your errors and ask the Lord to help you overcome them. You are too dignified to divorce your wife. Let your love so overwhelmed your wife that she cannot do with you. Close your ears to gossip. Sieve the wheat from the chaff and walk in Godly wisdom as a husband. God gave you your wife and marriage for keeps. Every change from without starts from within.

Spiritual exercise:

·         In the name of Jesus Christ, I cancel every satanic suggestion to divorce my wife.

·         By the blood of Jesus, I settle all strife with my wife right now.

·         By the fire of the Holy Ghost, I come against anyone threatening my marriage with divorce.

·         In the name of Jesus, I scatter every gang up against my marriage.

·         By the Precious blood of Jesus, I cancel every generational curse of divorce in my life and that of my wife.

·         Holy Spirit of God, I receive Your power to make amends with my wife.

·         Holy Spirit, rekindle the fire of the first love I had for my wife.

·         Holy Spirit, break me and every stronghold of pride and hard heartedness. Do the same thing to my wife.

·         Father, reconcile my wife and I, and restore our marriage

 Faith confession:

I am a good husband and my marriage can’t be destroyed in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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