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Love Never Fails

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Husbands, do you know that love never fails? It is not lust but God-kind of love, called agape love that God commanded you to extend to your wife. You also don’t fall in love but rather you walk in love. That means you are conscious of what you do and how you react to your wife. When you fall in love, it is because you are blind. But God is love and God is not blind. So you cannot operate His kind of love to your wife and fall. Therefore whatever makes you fall in your marriage is satanic and must be resisted.

God said that His love, which is seed inside of you, remains enduring. This means that your wife may not deserve your kindness, still extend it to her. She may not deserve your love, yet love her all the same. It is your love that changes your wife and not your hatred. Love is a seed and it has the capacity to reproduce itself wherever it is planted. Are you aware also that the most fertile ground to plant your love seed is your wife and not that mistress or girlfriend of yours. Abraham sowed genuine love seed into Sarah and she called him Lord.

Being called Lord is the highest level of respect any woman can give to her husband. It is earned and demanded. Do you want the highest form of respect from your wife? Love her

Spiritual exercise:

·         Father in the name of Jesus Christ, I renew my love for my wife in truth.

·         Holy Spirit, spread abroad in my heart God kind of love and help me to love my wife and children.

·         In the name of Jesus, I resist every trap of hatred in my life.

·         I forgive my wife and release her from my heart.

·         Father in the name of Jesus, I receive grace for advance-forgiveness towards my wife children.

 Faith confession:

I am a blessed husband and will remain so until my example, Jesus returns to earth to take me home in Jesus name. Amen.

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