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Jesus And The Samaritan Woman

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Main Scriptures: John 4:6-30

More Scriptures: Jn.15:5, Eph.5:23, Col.3:20

The story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman is as inspiring as the relationship between the husband and his wife. Jesus met the woman at the well and asked her to give Him water. Jesus told her about her life- she had had more than three husbands and even the man she was staying with was not her husband. She was surprised. Her life was not anything anybody should celebrate. Even His disciples were surprised that Jesus could be talking with her-an unfit and indecent woman. The summary of the character of this woman is that she was wayward, irresponsible, and uncoordinated. But at the end of the discussion with Jesus, she became an instant evangelist. There is a lesson there for every husband. No matter the level of character flaws your wife or children may have, don’t condemn them whether in the open or in the secret. You are like Christ to your wife and children. In Eph.5, the Scriptures say husbands love thy wife as Christ as loved the church. Jesus did not talk evil about the woman either to those who came to the well or His disciples. His conversation with the woman was filled with compassion, love and patient. Your wife and children may have had their shortcomings, yet as a representative of God in your home, you must not allow that to affect the measure of love and care you will give to them. You must not also announce their failures to everyone to hear. Instead, be inspired and moved by God-kind of love to teach them the way out of their wayward lifestyles. God did not send you to your wife and children to bring them down. He sent you to them to lift up their spirit, soul and body.

However, for you to change your wayward flock from negative attitudes to positive attitudes, you must be willing and patient to teach them. Jesus Christ was not in hurry when He met the woman. He saw His meeting with the woman as an opportunity to minister LIFE. And He patiently did that. Being the head is your greatest opportunity to minster life and greatness to your flock but you must do it patiently. In Heb.6:15, God’s word says and so after he had patiently endured, he obtained the promise. Note the phrase patiently endured. You may have complained that after several corrections it seems your wife and children are unwilling to change, therefore is no hope. You must remember that as the head of the family, you are the vine and your wife and children are the branches (Jn.15:5).


·         Father, by Your Spirit, engrace me with uncommon grace to be patient with my flock.

·         Father, by Your Spirit, help me not to give up on my wife and children.

·         Father, by the blood of Jesus, deliver my heart from the force of discouragement and hopelessness.


I walk in the love of Christ towards my wife and children because that is what makes me a good ad godly husband in Jesus name. Amen.

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