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The Shepherd

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It will interest you know that God made you a husband so that you can provide the lead in your family. In Gen. 2 God made the family and refereed to it as a garden of Eden sothat you may keep and tend it. This is what your primary role should be as a husband. In Ezekiel chapter 34, God said that you are a shepherd by virtue of your position as the head of the family in Ephesians 5. So you’re a shepherd overseeing your flock, namely your wife and children and by extension your extended relations.

Now what makes you a shepherd and a responsible one for that according to God’s word is to feed your flock, protect them, guide them and make them fruitful. So when you don’t fulfill these obligations to your family as a husband, you have disappointed the One, Who set you up over your family members. You must examine yourself to find out if you are actually working to please God as it relates to your family. Every good shepherd doesn’t leave his sheep to go astray and be exposed to dangers. Rather, he protects them. Even when one sheep goes missing or astray, he does everything to recover the lost sheep back into the fold. This is the highest prove of love.

No matter the challenges at home, with your wife or children, don’t abandon your role as a good shepherd. Only a hireling abandons his sheep in the face of an attack. Remember that your being a husband confers on you spiritual responsibilities which you must discharge. Your headship is hardwork.

There are blessings everytime you live up to your spiritual roles as a husband. In verse 26 & 27 of the 34th chapter of Ezekiel, it says and I will make with them a covenant of peace and a hill of blessing. Peace and blessing remains you heritage as a good shepherd. You’re a good shepherd and not a hireling.

Spiritual exercise:

·         Father in the name of Jesus Christ, I receive your help to live to my responsibility as a good shepherd to my family.

·         Father, everywhere I have lived as a hireling I repent and ask for your mercy.

·         By the blood of Jesus, I cancel every plan of the devil to make me a sheep instead of a shepherd.

·         Today in the name of Jesus, I take my position as a good shepherd.

·         By the authority in the blood and the anointing of the Holy Spirit, I erase every plan of the enemy to make me a misfit to my family.

·         I receive the very life of Christ, a good Shepherd and a Groom by His Spirit in Jesus name.

 Faith confession:

I am a good shepherd in truth and in action in Jesus mighty name. Amen


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