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Beware Of Dogs

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This was the admonition that Apostle Paul to the people of Philippi. They were believers living in the midst of people who are against the truth and the path of righteousness. He warned them to be very wary of them because they were not persons that should be emulated. The same warning is sounding to all husbands that they should beware of people or persons or places that would turn them against their family members, especially their wives and children.

It is important for you to know that your marriage relationship is a covenant between you, your wife and your God. It is a three-fold agreement. It is for this reason you declared on that glorious day before God, your pastor and the congregation that you do solemnly take your wedded wife. It then means that the only Person who has the manual for the smooth operation of your marriage relationship is God Almighty. God is the Author of marriage, so when you are having any challenge in your marriage as husband, the first person you should speak to is God. After all, if you or any member of your family falls sick the first person that comes to your mind is your doctor. Why would you not approach your marriage from that perspective as a husband and the head of the house? Those who have advised you that beating your wife is a sign of being a true man are referred to as dogs. Those who told you that you can’t be eating the same thing all the time rather you should sample other women are called dogs. Those who tell you that abandoning your children and family is a sign of punishment for your wife misbehavior are termed dogs. Anyone who compels or cajoles or advices to take steps contrary to God’s command and standards as regards your relationship with your wife and children do not mean well for you. They didn’t create marriage so they can’t have the best decisions for you. I Timothy 3 verse 1 to 7 give the summary of who you are and how you should conduct yourself as a husband. Husband get back to God to find out what His plans are for your marriage and ask for His grace to help you live His will for your family.

Spiritual exercise:

·         Father in the name of Jesus Christ, I acknowledge my headship as a husband in my family

·         By the blood of Jesus Christ, I disconnect myself from everyone who does not speak God’s mind concerning my marriage.

·         In the name of Jesus, I destroy every wrong decision I have accepted and implemented over my family life that is against Your will and repent of them all.

·         Lord, I receive a new nature of Christ to live Your perfect will in my relationship with my wife and children.

·         Father, I surrender all to you, my wife, children and family and pray that only your perfect be done in the name of Jesus name.

·         I command every negative force of hell contending against the perfect will of God for my family in the name of Jesus Christ.

·         By the anointing of the Holy Ghost, I receive power form on high to walk and live God’s plan for my family in the name of Jesus Christ.

Faith confession:

I am a new creature and old things have past and all things have become new in Jesus name. Amen.


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