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Flee From The Strange

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Every strange fall of any husband requires a sexual relationship with a strange woman or women. Samson’s fall reflects this truth. Samson was a husband called by God to deliver the people in Judges 13. Unfortunately, he lost his call and began a relationship with Delilah, a strange woman. The result was tragic: he lost his God given power, his eyes and died shamefully. This is what the scripture is telling you today. That you must as a matter of safety flee from the strange woman no matter the extent of the relationship.  You are not fleeing from her because of fear of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. It is principally because God hates it and such acts leads to eternally damnation. It also kills your soul gradually. If you read the entire passage of Proverbs 5, you will see how God describes the strange woman and her intention for you. In verse 8, it warns you to remove your way far from her. In verse 9 it says you ultimately give your honour to her and sadly in verse 11 it says you will mourn at last. In verse 5 it says her feet go down to death and her steps takes root I hell for she is a bitter woodworm. David tried with Uriah’s wife he paid the price. Samson attempted it he lost his glory. Even in our contemporary world stories abound of husbands who canopied with strange women and lost their pride and honour. You cannot be smarter than God. If God says flee He means it. If God tells you the consequences, it means every ounce of it. If God says that her ways are slippery, it means if you get involved with her you are on a slippery path. You will fall.

You can make a 360 degree u-turn today and live the strange woman. Do get closed, flee. Keep your distance from her. Destroy everything that reminds you of her. Start your honey moon with your wife again. Your wife has all that the strange woman if offering you and much more. All you need is to renew your mind towards your wife and do what you can to make her what you want her to be.

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