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Godly Husbands Are Rich Toward God

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This was and still remains God’s plan for every husband because husbands are a type of Christ according to Ephesians 5:25. Now the question is, are you rich unto God or not? This question is the basis for your relationship with Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ, our example of a Groom (Husband) taught that the worth of a man including husbands does not consist in the abundance of things (money, cars, houses, good food, and expensive clothes). Yes these things are good but they are not what define your relationship with the God, Who made you a husband. Rather what truly counts to you as a husband is the quality of your relationship with Your Maker, God. God will not assess you by virtue of what you have acquired but by how you have walked with Him in truth and in Spirit. That is why in John 4:22-24, Jesus says that those that must walk with Him must walk with Him in truth and in Spirit.

You must get your priority right as a husband by putting first thing first. Yes, men may commend you, but has God commended you? God gave you a family so you can be a shepherd over them by leading them in the way of the Lord. Abraham, a husband was rich unto God. In verse 18 of Genesis chapter 19, God testified that Abraham was rich unto Him by building a Godly family. Job in chapter 1 verse 1 of Job was a husband that was rich unto God. God testified about him as a husband who was righteous and eschewed evil. These husbands were very wealthy also. So you wealth should not be the reason why you’re not walking righteously before God. These husbands put first thing first by pursing godliness in thought, walk and work. They put God first and their lives counted. Make your life count by becoming rich unto God.

Spiritual exercise:

·         Father in the name of Jesus Christ; make me rich unto you in all my ways.

·         Father, let the word of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight.

·         Holy Spirit of God, create in me a clean heart and a right spirit that I may please you all the time.

·         Lord Jesus, I rededicate my life to you and your instructions from today onward.

·         Holy Spirit of God, order my steps aright and make let me be only in your perfect will in all things.

·         Let Your blood Jesus, make a new way for me to live as a Godly husband in Jesus name.

·         Father in the name of Jesus, I receive grace to put first thing first that I may abound unto good works.

 Faith confession:

I am a blessed husband and begin a new walk with God. I am rich unto God in Jesus name. Amen.ezz

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