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The Living Husband

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Your breakthrough in life as a husband first begins with the discovery of who you are; that is the discovery of self.  You’re not created to exist. You have been created by God to fulfill purpose on earth as a husband. And until you discover God’s plans and purposes for your life and family, you may die unfulfilled. There are very many unfulfilled husbands around the world today, who are merely existing and not living. God made you to solve a problem. Your purpose is the worth of your call as a husband. Purpose is eternal. It has the power to make your generation last forever.

The story in our text today is that is Abraham, the husband of Sarah. Before chapter 12 nobody heard of him. He lived in his father’s house with his family. He merely existed. But God knew that he was created to be more than just a husband who existed. So God called him out to a life of purpose that will change the life of his wife, children and generations ahead. And all through his journey in life, he lived a purpose driven life according to God’s will. Today, we can say with confidence the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. There is a purpose God gave you that wife and children and made you head of the family. And until you discover this purpose, you may end up as an existing husband. Why did God give you that wife? Why are you married? Why did God give you those children? Why are you the head of the family? Abraham provided spiritual, material and physical cover for his family.

Now rather than pursue after God to show us His purpose for making us husbands on earth, we are tirelessly pursuing after what to eat, drink and wear. Are these things wrong in themselves? No. But they are not the first priority in the journey to a life of well pleasing to God. There is a greater task according to Matt. 6:33. You are not different from a goat or any other animals if all that you do is run after what to eat, drink and wear as a husband. Seek to live by living God’s purpose for your life. Existence dies with you, living outlives you.

Spiritual exercise:

·         Father in the name of Jesus Christ, make me discover the purpose why you created me.

·         Lord, help me to fulfill destiny as a husband concerning my family, wife and children.

·         By power in the blood of Jesus Christ, I command every fear from pursuing my purpose as husband broken in my life.

·         I draw the blood line over my life and decree the chains of merely existing broken in Jesus mighty name.

·         Holy Spirit of God, baptize me a fresh zeal to run Your agenda for my life, family and ministry.

  Faith confession:

I am a living husband, living God’s purpose for my life, family and ministry in Jesus name. Amen




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