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God demands faithfulness from every husband, no matter your age, qualification, tribe, colour, background. This is because faithfulness is the cardinal foundation for growing in the calling of God in your life as a godly husband (IThess. 5:24). God is faithful. Jesus Christ an example of a husband is faithful. So you have the seed of faithfulness in your life. All you need to do is to activate the seed. Remember that you’re a priest according to Revelation 5:10, hence your attributes as a husband is faithfulness to the task God has committed into your hands. God has positioned you as husband sothat through your faithfulness He can build for you a sure house of spiritual, financial, family and career upliftment.

There was a pathetic story of a husband named Eli in I Samuel chapter 2. Eli was a priest and the father of two children Hophni and Phinehas. Unfortunately he was found to be unfaithful as a husband and this robbed off on his children. He was unfaithful in his responsibilities to his family, which resulted in the negative way and manner his children lived their lives. The result was death both for him and his children.

Your ability to live up to your responsibilities or otherwise will determine the outcome of what happens in your life, family and ministry. Faithfulness is like the air you breathe and nothing puts you in command like being faithful to your wife, children, employers, employees.

Now what is faithfulness? It is simply doing what is right even when nobody is watching you. Unfaithfulness destroys destiny. Many husbands have lost their marriages, job, career, business and children because of their (husbands) unfaithfulness. Samson lost his life when he dined with a woman that is not his wife. Achan lost his entire family to death for the simple reason that he stole what was not his. Lot lost his wife because he camped around unfaithful men. Faithfulness is profitable in all things: personal life, marriage, children, finance, career and much more. Would you choose to be faithful beginning from today? Your choice determines your chance.

Spiritual exercise:

·         Father in the name of Jesus Christ, I receive your grace to be faithful in all that I find myself doing.

·         Father in the name of Jesus, I commit myself to faithful living in my relationship with my wife and children.

·         By the blood of Jesus, I reverse every consequences of my unfaithful act.

·         By the power in the blood, I recover all that I may have lost to the devil in the name of Jesus Christ.

·         By the power of the Holy Spirit, I delight myself in your law and meditate on your commandments day and night.

·         Because I have returned to living a faithful life, I command the rewards for faithfulness to come speedily to me in Jesus name.

  Faith confession:

I am a faithful husband in all areas of life in Jesus name. Amen.


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