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The Incredible Power Of Two

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Husbands, there is power in two: you and your wife. The force you generate when you unite with your wife is unbeatable by any force in hell. In our reading today, especially in Ecclesiastes chapter 4 verse 9, the Bible made it clear that two are better than one because they have a good reward for their labour. This is what the devil is fighting against by bringing disunity, hatred and fighting in your relationship with your wife. He makes you see only the bad side of your wife. He even suggests to you to divorce your wife that she is the enemy against your progress in life. Don’t be deceived. It’s a lie from the pit of lie. The devil wants you to remain on the spot. Partnership with your wife is your greatest weapon to God kind of blessing. He knows that with you can chase a thousand challenges but not ten thousand. Only a team up with your wife can you put ten thousand to flight.

Your wife is not as bad as you think or may have been constrained to believe. She has her good side. Afterall, it was some of the good side that you saw that attracted you to her in the first and thereafter you wooed her and eventual married. She couldn’t have been completely rotten before you married her. So you can concentrate on those strong points of her and help her overcome those weaknesses. Remember that she is your sheep and you are her shepherd. I recall when the devil came calling with barrenness in my marriage. While I was in the office seeking God’s face to show me the root cause of the challenge, God revealed a scripture to my wife right at home. When I returned with excitement from work that day I told my wife God told and she exclaimed by telling me what she had discovered from the Bible. By the time we compare notes it tallied and the matter was settled forever. Today to the glory of God, we are parents of children. So husbands, God has prepared great treasures for your family, He only wants you to cooperate with your wife to access them.

The challenges you’re facing in your business, career, finance or academics can be overcome when you team up with your wife. Yes, you may have had victories in one thousand battles but you can’t have victories in ten thousand battles until you are joined to your wife not superficially but I truth and love. Your wife remains you first and best partner in winning over the battle of life. It is costly to be alone in the race of life because the enemy will prevail against you. But with your wife as your co-fighter both of you can withstand any devil or plans of the wicked one.

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