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Wrong Is Wrong

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Main Scriptures: 1John 5:15-17

More Scriptures: Jas.4:17, Lk.12:47, 3Jn.:11

As the head of the family, you must understand that every wrong thing that you do to your wife, your child, your society is a sin, irrespective of your justification or reason. Ignorance will not be an excuse for you before God. You have been called to a higher responsibility and it is ungodly of you to continue to do what is wrong and be comfortable. It is your enormous responsibilities to continue to live a life that is pleasing to God and your family. As a husband, you could be a pastor, tongue speaking and with great oratory, and yet hold bitterness against your wife and children. It is not right and God days it is a sin. For you as a husband to deny your wife your body and wish your children evil is not right and it is a sin. For you to beat the road traffic all in the name of being in a hurry is not right, it is a sin. For you to refuse to help your wife in whatever way possible, even when you know that she needs your help is not right, it is a sin. Just anything that is not right which you have been involved in either in your relationship with your wife, children or the laws of the land is a sin.

Now, it is important for you to know that the standards that God will use to judge you is not the standards of the world but His standards. He made you and placed you over your wife and children so that you can teach them the way of the Lord. If what you do violates the laws of the land or against what God commands, it is a sin. Unfortunately, a lot of husbands have done many wrongs and yet do not feel the need to change. But how do I know that what I am doing is not right? Firstly, it’s by allowing the Word of God to be your mirror. As you behold God’s word on a regular basis, you begin to know more of what He likes and dislikes and His expectations of you. As the head of the family, the Bible contains all that you will ever need as the spiritual leader of your home. Every other godly material draws its source from the Word of God. Another thing that you can do is to give the Holy Spirit unhindered access into your decisions. The Person of the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of righteousness. So, if you allow Him, He will guide you and open your eyes to see the wrong things.


·         Father, by the power in the blood, destroy the power of sin and ungodliness in my life.

·         Father, by Your Spirit, open my eyes of understanding to see what is wrong and right.

·         Father, by the blood of Jesus, deliver me from the power of self-deceit and a haughty spirit.


I receive a humble and sincere heart to hear when You speak and help me to obey You because I want to be a good and godly husband to my flocks in Jesus name. Amen.



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