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Thy Mystery Of Kiss

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Main Scriptures: Lk.22:47-48

More Scriptures: Gen.31:55, Ps.2:12, Pr.24:26

Do you know that there is a spiritual dimension to the act of kissing, especially when you kiss your wife? Well, I want to share with you what the Person of the Holy Spirit has taught me, which has impacted positively my relationship with my wife. By the mystery of kiss, my connection with my wife is getting deeper to a point that we become telepathic in most things. Let me begin by saying that kiss is not carnal. It is not the idea of man. It is part of the fringe benefits that comes when you are enlisted into the office of the husbandhood. And it is a mystery that deepens your relationship with your wife. As the head of your wife, you have the right to kiss your wife and you do just that by kissing her on her forehead. Kiss is a spiritual weapon of identification. If you read the account of Jesus Christ, the Head of all husbands, and example of how husbands should behave, it was a kiss from Judas Iscariot that made those who have come to arrest Jesus to know He was the right person. Without a kiss from disciple Judas, those who came to arrest Him wouldn’t have been able to recognize Him. In your case, you are not kissing your wife so that she could be killed. What your kiss does to her is to sooth her emotion and transfer your spirit into her being. If you recognize your wife as your helpmeet according to Gen.2:18, then you must always look for opportunities to help her see her place in your life as a helper.

And one of the ways is to kiss her on her forehead. Kissing is not the idea of hollyowood, Nollywood or Bollywood. It is a spiritual secret from heaven. So, you must not see kissing your wife on her forehead as a sin. But why must I kiss my wife on her forehead? You kiss her on her forehead because her head represents her life and the center of reasoning and meditation. Her entire body from neck down reacts to the signals coming from her head. It modifies her mood and makes her body receptive to you. This means is that if you keep kissing her on her head, you are sowing the seed of love into her life. She will begin to recognize your place in her life as her head. She will begin to connect with you, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. As a husband, if you stay on in this new attitude and make it part of your life, you will find it very difficult to be bitter against your wife. Kiss your wife daily, it is the cure to bitterness and unforgiveness


·         Father, by Your Spirit, anoint my mouth and let Your power flow into my wife as I kiss her forehead.

·         Father, by Your Spirit, empower me to always kiss my wife from a heart full of love.

·         Father, by the power in the blood of Jesus, destroy the power of pride in my life.


I have made up my mind to always kiss my wife’s forehead because I want to be a good and godly husband in Jesus mighty name. Amen.


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