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Hardwork Is Profitable

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Main Scripture:  Mark 1:35

More scriptures: Deut. 19:18, Prov. 27:23, Ecc. 9:10

Laziness is a sin and God hates it. As the head of the family, God’s will for you is to work and be fruitful so that you can provide for the needs of your wife and children. The first commandment that God gave to man after God made him and before He brought a wife for him, was work. God said, dress and keep the Garden. You must be diligent in what you do whether in your business, family matters, positions, careers or academics. Diligence requires that you put your hands to work no matter how small the returns may be. God will not bless you because you’re a husband. No. He will only bless you because you’re working with a purpose. To wake up in the morning or sleep all day or gist all day hoping that manna will fall from heaven is to live in a fool’s paradise. God will bless you through the works of your hands. To be diligent as a husband is not about the size of the assignment. It’s about the attitude to the assignment. Jesus in Mark chapter 1 verse 35 and Luke chapter 2:49 demonstrated to us husbands the importance of diligence and He is the Groom that every husband is admonished to emulate (Heb.12:1-3).  Don’t claim that there is nothing to do. That is the language of a lazy husband. There is always something to do if only you can look very well. It would surprise you to know that what you’re looking for in far places is close to you; and when you have got it, give all it takes to make it work.

But in what areas does God our Chief Husbandman require your diligence? God requires that you must be diligent in seeking Him (1Chro. 22:19), striving for perfection (Php 3:13-14), be a follower of every good work (1Tim. 5:10) and self-appraisal and examination (Ps.77:6). Everything about your position as the husbandman requires that you work with a sense of purpose. Things will not just happen for you, you must make them happen by engaging your spirit, soul and body. And as you diligently do your work as a husband, God grants you grace to stay on. You don’t contact God’s help (grace) by doing nothing. You contact His grace by committing to do your part and as you remain consistent, you will enjoy more of His help. Can you see a bright future for your life as a husband and that of your family? You must continue to give yourself to diligence because that is the birth place of discipline. Therefore, rise up and begin to work with purpose and watch God pour out abundance of His grace in all that you do.


•           Father, in the name of Jesus, empower me to work diligently with my hands for a profit.

•           Father, in the name of Jesus, empower me to make the most of my work for gains.

•           Father, in the name of Jesus, deliver me from slothfulness and excuses.


I put my hands to work and will eat and share the rewards of my work with my wife and children and the world at large because that is what makes me a good and godly husband in Jesus name. Amen.

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