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Month: December 2017

Understanding Husbandhood

To be a husband is a calling. It is a higher calling. God has called you out of the crowd and made you a husband. Among the many men on the streets and in the world, you are one of the few with added qualification- a husband. So, you are just not an ordinary man. You are a glorious and dignified personality called to fulfill an assignment here on earth and in the lives of your wife and children.

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A Prism View

Many husbands have grown up to believe that their wives must be relegated to the background. Some cultures promote silence from our wives and this is responsible for the maltreatment of our wives by their husbands. Some husbands see their wives as housemaids. Others see them as slaves. But how does God see her? How do you see her? Read this interesting verse of Scripture. It will change the way you see your wife

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Alcoholics Are Foolish (1)

Friendship with alcohol does not only make you foolish, it destroys your health. This is God’s word and it settles an argument about alcohol consumption. God said that strong drink or alcohol is a foolish weapon and any husband who drinks alcohol is not wise. And as the head and spiritual leader of your home, God did not place you over your wife and children to behave foolishly.

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