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Month: April 2018

Talk Is Cheap

Do you realize that it requires diligence and commitment for you to function maximally as a good and godly husband? The truth is that being a good shepherd to your flock is hard work. It is not cheap talk. It is a call to assuming greater responsibility. It is a call to greater commitments. It is a call to a life of sacrifice and inconvenience. In fact, there is no future for a lazy husband.

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A Husband Of Complete Integrity

When God created you, He had configured you to be full and whole in all things- spirit, soul and body. That was the testimony of Job. But what made this husband a complete personality? He was a shepherd who had integrity. He feared God and stayed away from sin and its attractions. This is the kind of life that God wants you to live for the sakes of your wife and children.

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Ask Me What You Want?

A lot of the time, you have asked the Lord what you want Him to do for you. You have prayed that He helps you to succeed in your endeavours. But have you ever asked your flock what do they want, even without them asking? Well, this is what the Holy Spirit wants you to do today. I mean today and not tomorrow. Ask your wife “what do you want? Ask your seeds (children), “what do you want?”

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