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Month: March 2018

The Head Of Every Husband Is Christ

One of the deceitfulness of the devil to the husbandman is that the husband does not report to anybody. The husband sees himself as the final man of authority- alpha and omega. Sadly, this lie has led many husbands to be careless with the position thereby leading to divorce, unhealthy relationships between them and their flocks and so much evil. But from our study in 1Cor.11, the word of God shows you and I very clearly that we have someone we report to.

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The Levitical Husband

Who is a Levite? A Levite is a priest. He occupies the priestly office. He is a distinct class of personality with the rare privilege of executing the priestly functions. Now, that is who you are as the head of the family. You must understand that as the leader in your family fold, there are levels of authority that God wants you to flow in. There is the authority of a pastor. There is that of a prophet and there is that of a priest.

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Look To The Stars

Until you leave your past, your present and future is not in view. That is the word of the Lord for a husband reading this devotional. Your wife may have hurt you so badly. She may have betrayed and dishonoured you in more ways than you could ever imagine. Your children may have disappointed you despite all your investment in them. You may have concluded that your flock is not redeemable. But there is hope for you.

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