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Month: March 2018

Your Make-up!

As the head of the family, you are ordained to be a worker. Jesus Christ, the perfect example of a good and godly husband said, my Father works, so I work. (Jn.5:17) God is a worker. Jesus Christ is a worker. You are a diligent worker. You have folded your hands for too long. You have hidden behind your wife and children for too long. Now is the time to step out of your comfort zone and work

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The Spirit Of Your Voice

As the head of your family and the shepherd over your flock, how powerful is your voice in the lives of your sheep? Can they hear your voice when they are in the midst of an ungodly environment? How has your voice strengthened your sheep to overcome temptation and satanic offers? These are vital questions you and I must answer if we want to make the most of our office as the husbandman.

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The Slip

As a good and godly husband, you need to see beyond the flesh and into the spirit. As you engage the Person of the Holy Ghost, He shows you things to come. He gives you an insight into what is being planned for you and against. He empowers you to read the mindset of people

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