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Month: April 2018

No Applauds Beyond Your Results

As the head of the family, your wife and children will not celebrate you beyond what they can see your life produce. You don’t expect your children to celebrate you as their mentor when it is their mother who has nurtured them in the way and admonition of the Lord. I want you to know this truth. No matter how much you try to cover up your irresponsibility, it will be exposed sooner or later. It is just a matter of time. So, as the priest over your flock, you must continue to work hard to elevate your status by the results you produce.

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Your Old Self Is Dead

As the husband and the head of your family kingdom, you must understand that you are dead to your old life of sin – unforgiveness, lovelessness, envy, bitterness and many more. You are no longer subject to the influences of satan and the world. Like the old song says, “ the things I used to do I do them no more”. You cannot claim to be a good and godly husband and yet find it difficult to forgive your wife or children. You cannot tell people that you are a godly husband when you keep malice or bitterness with your flock.

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Alternatives Are Dangerous

As a husband and the spiritual authority in your family-fold, it is dangerous to have alternatives to your disrespectful and rebellious flock. Alcohol is not the alternative to a nagging and unappreciative wife. Having a second wife or concubine is not either. Addiction to pornography and gambling is also not an alternative. Spending more time in church activities is not an alternative.

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You Eat The Fruits Of Your Lips

The word of God declares your words as the sacrifice of your lips. And because every sacrifice triggers rewards, the words you speak in the direction of your wife and children will bear fruits. The fruits may be positive or negative. This is why you must be very careful what you say to your flock at all times. Whatever name you call them, that is who they will turn out to be.

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She Is A Joint Heir With You

One of the kingdom mysteries to getting our prayers answered is hidden in the first book of Peter chapter 3 and verses seven (7) to eight (8). And if any husband will align himself to this truth, he will enjoy the fruits of being the head of the family, joyfully. As the head of your family, it is important to recognise that being the husbandman is quite challenging and so you will need the help of God to overcome them.

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