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Month: April 2018

God Has Given You Victory

Did you know that as the head of your family, God has given you victory over those challenges you have with your wife and children? Did you know that there is no lost case with God when it comes to the relationship between you and your flock? Before God positioned you as the head in your sheepfold, He put in you His life of dominion. How do I know? The word of God says it.

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You Must Study To Grow

A lot of the time as husbands, we deceive ourselves in thinking that we can make the most of our headship by the rule of the thumb rather than reading and studying the word of God. So, the result is what you find in our family folds today- husbands that have lost their voices, power and influence. As the head of your family, you cannot be greater than what you know and you are prepared to apply yourself to

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