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Month: June 2018

Divine Bouncer

No intruder has the right to enter your house, except you permit him. No uninvited elements can break into your sheepfold if you don’t allow them. You are like that bouncer around the music star. You are strong, watchful and firm. As the head of the family, you have been called unto greater responsibilities- to keep and secure your wife and children against the devil, sin and the world. God has entrusted into your hands the lives of your wife and children. If anything happens to them, God will hold you accountable, just the same way he held the first husband, Adam, accountable for the failure of his wife and family in Gen.3:9.

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It All Starts With You

God has positioned you as the head of the family to oversee your wife and children. Don’t abuse the privilege of being a husband; otherwise God may leave you for the devil to torment. If He has placed you as the head of the family, it is because He considered you a responsible leader ready and prepared to bring transformation into the lives of your wife and children. When you break the hedge the serpent will bite.

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Ring-fenced Satan

You must understand that as the head of the family and overseer of your wife and children, your position will be continually threatened by the devil. He is afraid that your godly influence would lead your wife and children to heaven and make them positive influences on the earth. If you have this understanding, you would not confront your wife and children. Rather, you would confront the devil, your enemy.

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Where Is Thy Promise?

There are some husbands, who have thrown their wedding bands away because their wives provoked them. Some other husbands have relocated to the house of the strange woman. Some others have continued to deny their wives their due benevolence. It is important for husbands to note that they have been made in the image and likeness of God. What this means is that they have the nature of God in them

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