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Month: June 2018

Bitterness Springs Trouble

It is very important to note that bitterness is a very dangerous pill that can kill any shepherd. It is a satanic tool that gives birth to all forms of contamination that affects your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well being. It is one enemy that you must fight and overcome. And bitterness does not have respect for title or age if it is allowed to gain root.

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Make It Conducive

the success or failure of your family government depends on how much order you have put in place at home. For instance, it is disorderly when you stir up strife and bitterness in the hearts of your children against their mother or vice versa. It is disorderliness when your children are on a free fall, doing things without limitation and control.

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You Cannot Be Bitter And Be Better

You cannot be bitter with your wife and children and be better as man, husband and father. Bitterness is a barrier. You cannot speak evil against your sheep and be righteous before God. And you cannot hold malice against your sheep and be healthy as a shepherd. Bitterness hinders your capacity to grow unto maturity. It beclouds your ability to judge rightly.

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Do You Love Your Wife? (2)

As the head of your family and the spiritual leader of your sheep, it is important for you to exercise patience toward your wife and children. Now, what is patience? Patience is strong expectation founded on hope. There are positive attitudes that you expect from the members of your flocks-from being rebellious children to obedient; from being an arrogant wife to a humble and submissive person; from being bitter to loving and forgiving.

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Whose Image Are You?

There is a need for you to wake up and take personal responsibility for your life and the lives of those (wife and children) that God has committed into your hands. There are benefits that God has ordained for you to enjoy as the head of the family. He wants your sheep to hold you in high esteem. God wants you to be a marvel to your wife and children. God wants you to be a mentor to your flock. He wants you to be a good and godly epistle to your sheep.

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