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It All Starts With You

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Main Scriptures: Phil.3:13-14

More Scriptures: 1Sam.2:6, Heb.7:12, Lk.15:22

It is very important for us to begin this teaching by acknowledging that true transformation begins from with before it flows outside. The hallmark of your position as the head of the family is your decision to improve yourself consistently in the way you relate with your wife, children and other people. It also has to do with the choices you make on a daily basis. As the head of the family, you cannot continue to live your life outside of God’s will and expect to make a positive impact in the lives of your wife and children. This is why those negative and ungodly things that you do to your wife and children and think it doesn’t matter must stop if you want peace to reign in your family, and attract rewards from the Lord. The mercy of God may not be available the next time you plan to hurt your wife or children. I love to share this story about a husband who refused to change. Though it was a sad event, but we can learn a  few lessons from it. It was about a husband who tormented his wife, emotionally and physically. After several appeals to him to stop this assault, he refused. Sadly, God struck this husband and he died. According to the story, his wife and himself were believing Christians. I strongly believe that God is a God of mercy and vengeance. In 1Sam.2:6, the Scriptures describe God as the Man who has the power to kill and make alive, and the power to bring to the grave and bring up.

God has positioned you as the head of the family to oversee your wife and children. Don’t abuse the privilege of being a husband; otherwise God may leave you for the devil to torment. If He has placed you as the head of the family, it is because He considered you a responsible leader ready and prepared to bring transformation into the lives of your wife and children. When you break the hedge the serpent will bite. However, you must understand that you have the enormous responsibility of sustaining this change in your life because of the devil, sin and the world. Therefore, you must develop the lifestyle of engaging in spiritual exercises of fasting, prayers and the study of God’s word. You must daily contend with the adversary of your position if you hope to remain a changed and a godly husband. You must always be on guard by putting up the loins of truth, the shield of faith, sword of the spirit and the helmet of salvation. The Scripture tells us that as we behold Him as in a glass, they were changed from glory to glory. So, your glory as the head of the family begins with a transformation from within you.


·         Father, in the Name of Jesus, deliver me from every spirit of corruption and sin.

·         Father, in the Name of Jesus, empower me to effect the changes You would require in my life.

·         Father, in the Name of Jesus, give me a heart to remain meek and be willing to change.


I take responsibility to effect the positive changes within me because that is my pathway to becoming a good and godly husband in Jesus Name. Amen.

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