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Husband Man Devotional Posts

Foundations To Becoming A Godly Husband (3)

The third foundation you require to build your headship on is fasting. Many husbands struggle to have control over their appetite for food. A lot of husbands cannot be disciplined not to eat food for some days in order to secure a long term goal. Consequently, many husbands have lost the spiritual power and authority to be in charge of the affairs of their sheepfold.

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Lessons From The Cross For The Husband

There are so many ways you can take revenge against your sheep. However, as an appointee of God through Jesus Christ, you have a different nature that makes you behave like Jesus Christ to your wife and children. You have the mind of Christ. And this means that though you have the power to walk the path of hatred, bitterness, unforgiveness and revenge, you decide to walk the path of righteousness

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