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Change Through Thinking

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Main Scriptures: Pro.23:6-7

More Scriptures: Ps.133:2, Matt.18:12, 2Cor.10:7

I want to quote from Dr. John Maxwell’s book on the Leadership Bible. “Change your thinking and you can change your life”. It is very important for you to know that the only way you can change your life and make the changes you want to see your wife and children is to change your thinking. If you can change your thinking, it will affect the quality of your relationship with your sheep. And this is why the Bible tells us that as a man thinks in his heart so is he (Pro.23:7). Do you realize that if you can change the way you think about your wife, it will change the way you respond to her. If you stop thinking that your wife is just a mere number or furniture but a woman of honour and valuable treasure, it will affect the way you will treat her. Your response to her needs and expectations and pains will be with compassion and mercy. You will not see her as an expired woman or unattractive but as a woman to behold and cherish. And when you do that, she will respond to you positively in more ways than you could ever imagine. It is like the precious oil upon the head, running down on the beard, the beard of Aaron, running down on the edge of his garments (Ps.133:2).

Furthermore, if you do not change your thoughts towards your children and see them as blessed seeds rather than hopeless children, your response toward them will be negative and disastrous. So that rather than be their cheerleader, you become the same person who abuses them and speaks negative words into their lives. If you change your thinking towards your children and see them as vessels that are blessed and can be the best in all that they do, then you motivate them to aim for excellence even when they fail.

But how do I change my thinking? The first step you must take is to acknowledge that you are not perfect, neither is your wife and children. You have your own weakness and it is for these reasons that while you were in sin, Jesus Christ died for you. The moment you recognize that you are working unto perfection, you will not be quick to condemn and criticize your sheep rather you will be merciful to them and seek ways of helping them to become better people. The second step is for you to see your wife and children through the eyes of the Father.  What this means is that you will look beyond their faults and help them to reconnect to God. And you achieve this by praying for them and instructing them in the way of the Lord. Thirdly, you let the word of God and instructions to dwell in you richly. The more of the word of Jesus Christ, who is the perfect example of a good and godly husband, that you have in you the more you behave like Him. You are what you think and you act what you think. Think Jesus Christ and act like Him.


·         Father, in the Name of Jesus, empower me to change my thinking and let it align to Your will.

·         Father, in the Name of Jesus, renew my heart and give me a right spirit.

·         Father, in the Name of Jesus, empower me to respond to my sheep as You would.


I have made my mind up to change my thinking so that I can change my life and make a positive impact in the lives of my wife and children because that is what makes me a good and godly husband in Jesus Name. Amen.

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