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Month: September 2018

Your Bride Belongs To You

Your wife is God’s prized jewel to you. And God has given her to you exclusively for your own benefit. So, if your wife seems to be having an adulterous relationship with another man or she is hooked on pornography or drugs, fight for her recovery. She is not meant to be in that wrong relationship or substances or habits. She is meant to be with and for you because she belongs to you.

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The Buck Stops With You

any a time when the family system breaks down, the society tells you it is the fault of the wife. When the husband shirks in his responsibilities as a man, husband and father, the wife is blamed for it. Consequently, you find more women in prayer houses and marriage conferences seeking for ways to salvage their family-fold. And the resultant effect is that we have raised irresponsible husbands and fathers who would rather preferred to be sheep than shepherds

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Be Responsible And Be Responsive

You and I are prophets over our sheep. God has given us the mandate to lay hands on our sick sheep and recover their health. God has empowered you and I to stop every fiery dart that the devil may be throwing at our sheep. You and I are agents of recovery, restoration and renewal. We have the power to redirect our wives from continuing in the wrong path. We have the power to rescue our children from destructive habits and patterns

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Premium Brand

As the husband and the head of your family, have you ever stepped back to ask what you are really made of? Have you asked what kind of brand God has made you to be? Have you ever considered how special you are to God and the very important place you occupy in His plan for your family fold? If you have never bothered to ask these questions, now is the time to do so.

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