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Main Scriptures: Eph.4:30-31

More Scriptures: Rev.12:10, Rom.10:10, Ps.51:10

When you are bitter towards your sheep, does it make you better? This is an important question for you to answer as the head of your family.  Most times, we think that the best way to deal with our sheep is to be bitter towards them. Sadly, that is not the truth according to the word of God. Bitterness is a very subtle sin. It slowly settles into the heart that you may not notice that it has. When it finally gains root, it results in malice, unforgiveness and revenge. And ultimately it destroys your life, the lives of your wife, children and sheepfold. As the head of your family, you must understand that bitterness against your wife and children does not make you a better man, husband and father. Bitterness is a destructive pill. Don’t take it.

Let us consider some of the pains that bitterness can cause you. Bitterness is a barrier. It hinders you from growing unto maturity and stops your prayers from being answered as you will be forced to deal treacherously with your wife. Husbands deal with your wife according to knowledge ……..that your prayers may not be hindered (1Pet.3:7). Bitterness also beclouds your ability to judge rightly. It shuts down the flow of inspiration from God. Bitterness represents the dark side of your life. It drains you of your spiritual energy and it is a burden. If bitterness is all of these, is it worth the trouble being bitter towards your wife and children? The Scripture describes bitterness as a sin. Therefore, there is no husband who harbours bitterness in his heart that will make heaven. It doesn’t matter the negative picture you have about your wife and children or what people may have told you about them. You must resist bitterness.

So, how do I you overcome the power and force of bitterness as a husband and the head of my family? Firstly, and the most critical is for you to see bitterness for what it is- it is a sin. Secondly, you must war against it in prayers and fasting and confessions (Rom.10:10). Thirdly, you must contend using the blood of Jesus Christ as a weapon of warfare (Rev.12:10-11). As my father in the faith, Bishop David Oyedepo once remarked that the blood of Jesus Christ is the last card. You can and will always win by the prevailing power in the blood of Jesus Christ. And lastly engage the help of the Holy Spirit to recreate a clean heart and a right spirit within you (Ps.51:10). If your heart is right, your response towards the errors, mistake and failures of your wife and children will be right. It takes a right heart and spirit to act better.

And as you fight to overcome the deceitfulness of bitterness, you will enjoy unhindered blessings from the Lord. As the spiritual leader of your home, you must stand up against every form of defilement. You must deal with your thoughts and let love reign.


  • Father, in the Name of Jesus, destroy the hold of unforgiveness in my life.
  • Father, in the Name of Jesus, empower me to forgive and forget the sins of my sheep as quickly as possible.
  • Father, in the Name of Jesus, fill me with supernatural love of Jesus Christ.


I substitute bitterness with the love of Christ in my relationship with my wife and children because that is what makes me a good and godly husband in Jesus Name Amen.

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  1. Heather Heather

    I pray these words over my husband. He struggles and it’s hard to watch. He takes his frustrations out on me emotionally , mentally and verbally. He had this app I don’t know how often he reads.

    • Ebenezer Igure Ebenezer Igure

      Sis. Heather,

      God bless you. I encourage you to please, keep praying for him and I join my faith with yours that the Person of the Holy Spirit will do a quick work in his life.

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